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About The Colorful Creative

The Colorful Creative

Art was my first love. It's been a part of my life since I was a young child. I came to appreciate and pursue art in various forms, from simple paper and pen drawings to sewing textiles. Each time I learned about a new medium, I became more intrigued. By the time I reached high school, my heart was set on fashion and textile design. I loved drawing models with unique outfits. As I began to perfect my craft in sewing textiles, my interest declined. I quickly realized I loved drawing the illustrations more than sewing them. Then came my love for graphic design. I was introduced to digital art and design during my junior year in high school, and I've been creating digital art since.

When I founded Machee Creates, I knew I wanted to create things that were meaningful and would positively impact the lives of others as art impacted my own life. I decided to center two things, Black culture, and vibrant colors. My art and products are intended to uplift and inspire by celebrating my identity and the Black community through the use of art and color psychology.

- Machée Kelly

| Mama, Artist, Fashionista, & Lover of potatoes in all forms |

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